Fortunately, Michigan voters passed a constitutional amendment setting aside a portion of the revenues from oil and gas leases that is to be used for recreational improvements, including non-motorized, pedestrian trails.

FundingTexas Township was given a $287,000 grant from this fund in 2012 toward the trailhead/mini-park next to the township offices and the trail connection to Al Sabo. A second $300,000 grant was awarded from this fund for the extension of the trail from Al Sabo to the 12th Street. Beyond these grants, there are other public funding opportunities that Texas Township officials are pursuing over the coming months. In total, we are confident that $600,000 to $1,000,000 of the $1.4 to $1.6 million project cost can be funded through grant opportunities.

As a condition to receiving grant funding, most grantors’ require local matching funds for the projects. In many communities, this requires a capital campaign to raise charitable funds from the private sector to complete the project. This is our plan in Texas Township. We have initiated a $400,000 Phase One fundraising effort to raise needed local matching to begin our trail way and park improvement project.  The Texas Township board of Trustees has advanced some funding to get the effort started, but the continued development of the recreational improvements our community needs can only happen through charitable contributions from you.  

Accomplishing the goal of building a community network of trails and improving our parks is ambitious,but community interest in this project is high. Once complete, improved parks and paved trail ways will:

  • Allow children safe play space and recreational pathways.
  • Increase opportunities for healthy, recreational activities for youth and adults.
  • Greatly increase accessibility to natural and recreational areas in our region.
  • Connect our neighborhoods.
  • Improve the ability of local residents to enjoy outdoor activities, including running, walking, biking, and in-line skating along our trails.

Maintaining the trail system will fall to Texas Township and plans are in place to provide needed trail and park maintenance. Part of the maintenance costs will be covered by a $200,000 endowment that is included as part of the overall project budget.

Additionally, annual charitable contributions for the trails will help to grow the endowment over time. Most importantly, these proposed improvements and ongoing maintenance of the trails will not include any increase in local taxes.

Donate NowIf our initial fundraising effort is successful, there are long term plans for additional trails throughout Texas Township.