Our Vision

Our Vision

Over the past several years, elected leaders and community volunteers have developed a strategic plan for area parks and trails. This vision, when complete, will connect Texas Township residents to other communities across the region through pedestrian pathways.

Additionally, we plan to make enhancements to our parks in the township by improving the playgrounds, adding sports courts, and landscaping the parks. Our plan is to offer recreational opportunities for our residents that are healthy, safe, and accessible.

The initial phases of providing a comprehensive trail system for our community and funding needed park improvements will cost approximately $1.4 to $1.6 million. We have already been granted $587,000 in state funding for this project, with another $300,000, hopefully, to be approved in 2013. These state grants require local matching funds—which will necessitate a community-wide capital campaign.

We now have a unique opportunity to bring significant recreational enhancements to our community. Phase one of the Building Community campaign requires $400,000 in charitable gifts from local residents. We are conducting this campaign effort because we strongly believe in improving our community for the next generation.

Support for this concept is strong, a prudent plan has been developed, and we are now initiating fundraising for this endeavor. The Building Community Campaign is gathering momentum and generating excitement. Please take a few moments to learn more about our plans to improve the recreational opportunities in Texas Township and then consider joining us in improving our local community.Donate Now